Funderlust: The Exhibition

After three amazing Funderlust sessions, I had way too many lovely illustrations just sitting in a drawer in my house, so we had a little show.

Thanks to No End for hosting and Tim for the video!

ONE MORE SLEEP. #illustration #exhibition #zines #funderlust #noend

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More tiny treasures at the #funderlust exhibition @no_end_art

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:D #Repost @callybishop with @repostapp ・・・ All the people #Funderlust so proud of you @jesswedepohl

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Funderlust Johannesburg 2.0: The Next Level Monsters Edition

For this round of Funderlust, we hit the Heineken Next Level Pop-Up Bar in Braamfontein. Some illustrators were there by invitation, but a majority of the awesome stuff created was by walk-ins who came to grab a beer and draw for a bit.

Want to create your own edition from this batch of work? Head over to the Resources page.

Photo:  Khotso Tsaagane
Photo:  Khotso Tsaagane
Photo:  Khotso Tsaagane

Funderlust Johannesburg: Fourteen Weeks Late Edition

The first ever Funderlust session consisted of the following ingredients: seven illustrators and designers, a mishmash of scrounged paper in various sizes and weights, a big pile of whatever stationery and art supplies we had in the office. And beer, of course. On the whole, I'd say we did rather well. 

Show some love to Alexis Schofield, Ky Goulden, Liam Longland, Luci Badenhorst, Rebecca Riley, Tim Jardim, and me (!) on our respective Behance pages, if you like what you see.

This edition was put together by me (Jess, that is). The other participants are encouraged to compile their own interpretations of the source material - as are you! If you want to play, you can find all the necessary assets on the resources page.

If you want to arrange one of these sessions, send a mail! Or, you know, go ahead and do it.